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Our sector is moving forward at a rapid pace... 
Here we collect for you our thoughts, new important information about our sector, new technologies ... 

In short, the place to stay up to date about AEB and our sector!

A lot of choice is fun but not always easy! 

We have a very wide selection. Can we help you make the choice easier?

Follow the advice in this article and see which LED flash is best for you!

There are light bars that meet your expectations.
And then there are those that exceed your expectations.

What's the difference? You’ll discover it here.

Good working conditions are crucial for doing your job wel. 

Sufficient light is very important here. 

AEB's experts present you one of ther ideal working lights!


Meet the 467 LED Worklight:

Need temporary signage? 

Discover our ideal solution for temporarily equipping vehicles with signage. 
Think for example of replacement vehicles, vehicles that only occasionally need effective signage, ...

Read all about it here...

Just a moment in reverse... Hops, reversing light on! Handy! Could this be any more convenient?

But ...

  • Can you use a worklight as a reversing light?
  • How does the legislation work?

Find out all about it in our article

You ask... We listen.

A whole new range of lamps that shed light on the darkness...

Let us know.... do these cats got your tongue? 

Discover them in this article

Driving lights. They're meant for:

A. seeing
B. being seen

Instead of A or B, we choose A and B. That’s why we’re AEB.

A quick visit to any web shop, choose your lights, place your order, install them on your vehicle and you're done! If only it were that simple. There are quite a few things - read: standards! ¬- that you should take into account. And our specialists will be shining their light on them for you today.  

Read all about it

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