worklight vs reversing light

There is an essential difference between a work light and a reversing light !

Usually extra work lights are mounted so that you can see better when reversing.  Logical you would think.  Nevertheless, this is not allowed.  Lights that shine backwards are subject to the regulations for reversing lights, particularly the ECE R23 standard.  An authorised reversing light is marked 'R23'. 

On average, reversing lights are not as strong at all in terms of light output.  This is laid down by law in order to prevent the blinding of oncoming traffic.  Also logical, of course.

We have a whole range of ECE R23 approved reversing lights and 2 absolute mavericks.  

The 485-RO and the 485-SQ were designed in a smart way and give an exceptionally high light output while still being within the range of the ECE R23.

Other solutions?

There is also a hybrid solution where a working light is combined with a reversing light. 

You then switch between the 2 functions via a separate wire. 

Quite a clever solution, but unfortunately the law does not allow further development of this type of product.  

Take advantage of this solution as long as you can and choose our 477LED-9-RE.

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