Road safety lamp

Road safety lamp | round | 150 mm | 12-24V

Item code: GT-150-DV-OR-PR

Delivery time: 2 weeks

The honeycomb structure in these eye-catching amber LED warning lights is immediately striking, even without the flash function switched on.  This complex structure, made from the most impact-resistant and UV-resistant plastic on the market, combined with state-of-the-art electronics mean that this amber flash light fully complies with the EN12352 L2H standard. 

Because this type of LED flash unit is used in all kinds of weather and also in the most diverse applications, extra care was taken in its design.  The light is exactly how you would judge it at first sight.  Simple.  And that is exactly what it is about!   Brilliant in its simplicity, literally and figuratively.

This version has pre-programmed flash patterns and can therefore be used without an external controller. Synchronizing with other lamps is also very easy.

Our amber version in 150 mm diameter is also available in red on request, as well as in the dual colours amber/red.

The electronics are suitable for both 12 and 24 volts, which is yet another advantage.

Color Amber
Operating voltage 12V - 24V
Mounting Surface mount
Light source LED
Number of LEDs 36
Length of cable (meter) 2 m
Current draw 12V Amp 0,30 Amp
Colour of lens Clear
Synchronisable No
Connection Open cable ends
Number of flash patterns 4
Diameter mm 150 mm
Thickness mm 39 mm
Certification EN12352 L2H
ECE R65 No
? IP-degree IP67
To be ordered by 1
Good to know This version has pre-programmed flash patterns. This lamp can thus be used without an external controller. You can also easily synchronize this lamp with other lamps of this type.
EAN 5414184005723

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