Connection kit | 22 poles | with active LED indication

Connection kit


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THE MISSING LINK between controller and lightbar.

This clever module was designed by us to connect products such as the LEG Lightbar, the AEGIS Lightbar or the TRAFLED directional arrow in a professional and fast way.  The perfect solution for working quickly and clearly in the tight spaces you are always faced with.

The screw terminals have 21 inputs and outputs (+1 ground) and are very clear. The LEDs indicate where you need to connect.  No more measuring out, soldering, shrinking tube, crimp terminals, etc. again.   First connect the side of the controller and the ground on the module.  It no longer matters which wire is connected to which position.  Then activate one of the desired functions on the controller (e.g. 'alley light') and the LED of the relevant wire will light up on the board.  You can now easily read which number the connection corresponds to in order to correctly connect the wire coming from the light bar or directional arrow.  When all wires are connected, mount the protection plate of the print so that the module is neatly protected against possible short circuits.  You can easily mount the whole thing in a suitable place by using double-sided tape, for example. 

The LEDs are also a handy aid in detecting any malfunctions more quickly.  For example, when the LED is on and the function does not work, the problem is after the SMART CONNECT, so a faster way to detect faults.

Type of use Specific for lightbars LEGION, AEGIS and Traffic advisor TRAFLED
Operating voltage 12V - 24V
Type Electronics
Connection 22 screw terminals
? Dimensions 122 x 64 x 39 mm
To be ordered by 1
Good to know Active LED control
Weight (kg) 0,120 Kg
EAN 5414184005433

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