Possible nuisance caused by traffic works N9 Asse

Possible nuisance caused by traffic works N9 Asse

From 4 January 2021, the Brusselsesteenweg will be closed in one direction. Only traffic towards Brussels will be able to use Brusselsesteenweg. This will remain so until the end of all the works on the N9, until the summer of 2022.

Traffic towards Asse must follow a detour. For through traffic and freight traffic in the direction of Asse, there will be a detour via the E19, E40 to the Ternat slip road complex (no. 20). Via the Edingsesteenweg (N285) the traffic can reach Asse center in this way.

  • There will also be detour for local car traffic in the working area. In this phase, these detour will run via Langestraat, Hoogstraat, Lindendries, Benedenstraat and Keesdal. In order to avoid inconvenience in residential areas, these local detour are prohibited for through freight traffic (>3.5 tons). Only freight traffic with a destination in these streets is allowed. Also freight traffic in the direction of Z.5. Mollem is therefore forbidden.

The Asse police will use automatic registration plate recognition cameras (ANPR) to ensure that through freight traffic does not use the local detour routes.

It is important that the freight transport (>3.5 tons) in the direction of Asse from the beginning of January makes use of the detour via Ternat. If the local bypass roads are used, the local police will have no choice but to fine. 

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