SOLID - New light bars

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Solid visibility with SOLID

Safe and visible at work, at any time of day? Our full-LED SOLID light bars got you covered. You can turn out professionally 24/7 for car trouble, an urgent salvage operation or waste disposal. What's more, thanks to the light bars, other road users will immediately see that a professional is at work. 

Always clearly visible

As a municipality, intermunicipal company or depot operator, you want your workers to be able to do their work safely. So it’s very important that they are well seen by other road users. That’s why the SOLID beam has two very powerful 360° LED tornados. They spread a clearly noticeable light so you are always highly visible. 

Eight different light bars

In the SOLID range, you will find eight different LED light bars. You can choose different colors (orange or transparent) and three different lengths. The middle section is white and also LED-lit. On this middle section you can place the text ‘Assistance’ at the front and back. Want to stand out even more? Then replace the text with your company name. Your customer will immediately know who you are!

Competitive price, fast delivery

The Full-LED SOLID bar offers you everything you need to work safely and be seen. Moreover, you can count on an interesting price and fast delivery. You will be on the road in no time, because the light bar is delivered ready to install. So you can easily assemble them yourself. Good luck!

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